Just A Bit Of Info....

Call me fickle.....or whatever....but after thinking and thinking about how I want my blog to look like and what I'd like to share, I'm taking a different slant. Sorta.

I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mama, who is also a Pastor's wife. There isn't a lot out there for pastors wives. Nothing that matched with my theology and lifestyle anyways, or was even close to it. So I decided to combine all my interests and my life into one blog - being a pastors wive, being a homeschooling mama, having a semi large family, enjoying using natural methods for cleaning and healing, learning about herbs and essential oils and general daily life stuff - and created another blog.

Introducing......! The Ordinary Pastors Wife!

I'll be slowly moving some of my posts here to my new blog and eventually closing this one down. I'll be posting new and updated info at The Ordinary Pastors Wife.

Come join me in my journey and get a glimpse …

My Journey Into The Natural World Part 2

We had always said we would love it if the LORD gave us a large family and were very excited when we found out we were expecting 13 months after we were married. But the LORD had other plans for us. Not only did he have us wait just over ayear before giving us a Blessing, HE then chose to have us wait almost another 5 years before we got to hold another sweet Blessing. Those years were so trying. We learned patience in a whole new way.
By that point I knew that midwives were alive and well and all over the place. We knew we wanted no part of a hospital birth, unless it was needed. We were very willing to utilize doctors and their amazing wisdom, skill and tools if we needed it. But if possible, we wanted to do it ourselves. Naturally Pregnant with #4
We researched different birth centers, decided on one, and set up an appointment to meet the midwives. During our first hour visit, I learned a TON! More than I had learned in the previous five years. Then I found out they did home births. …

My Journey Into the Natural World Part 1

I was asked when I first started becoming interested in using herbs and natural methods and remedies. Right away I said “when I was pregnant with my first”. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it started long before then. I just didn’t realize it. Anytime I would read books, nonfiction or fiction I *loved* the parts that was about herbs, old fashioned things, home remedies, midwives. I can remember rereading those sections. I didn’t think it was still a “thing”. I thought it was extinct. A thing of the past.
Then I found out that wasn’t true. Boy! Was I excited and surprised. When I was pregnant with my first, there was a family attending our church and they were due with their fourth or fifth almost the same time I was due with my first. As we got to know each other, I discovered she used herbs. She had a midwife. She gave birth at home. She knew all sorts of natural remedies
I. Was. Amazed. And sooo excited!!
Essential Oils Can Do Whaaa???
Little by little, I started le…

Love Me My Nap Time!

I don't know about your household, but in ours, between 1pmish - 3pmish, we have nap time. For the older kids its just a quiet time and for the Littles, they take naps. My oldest usually reads, works on a personal project, reads or plays on the iPad, and does her devotions. My second and third are in the Den together, each taking an end of the couch. They often have to have a reading time, sometimes are allowed to get out a bin from the closet (I'll be writing a future post on using some awesome bins to simplify my life) and then are allowed to watch a movie, while they just rest. I'm 31 weeks along with #6, so lately they've just had a movie time so that I could get some good rest in and not have to think about anything else. Might sound sad, but it works. :)

My fourth still takes naps, so she's in her bedroom where my oldest is resting and doing her own thang in her own bed. My youngest is in the midst of dropping her morning nap and only taking an afternoon nap.…

Three Tips to Help You (Mostly) Keep Your Sanity

I've been asked several times before, "how do you do it all???" My first thought is "uh......I don't. If only you knew..." But then I realize I've asked and wondered that very same thing of other mamas at times when I only had 1-2 kids or days I'm so very overwhelmed or when we have something major going on in our lives. So I thought I'd give you three tips that I use to at least help keep my sanity. (although if you talk to certain people in my life, they may totally disagree with the fact that I have any left, but just ignore them).

1.) Breath and Speak Calmly

When is seems that chaos is winning, or disobedience and bad attitudes are prevailing, when I can't seem to get one single little job done because I keep having to stop to counsel a child, I've found that simply standing still for just two seconds, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and reminding myself to speak calmly, it does wonders. Having those 2-5 seconds to myself, when…

My Menu Plan is Completed!

*sweet sigh of relief* I finished up November's Menu Plan yesterday and this afternoon I put it all on my calendar. Feels soooo good to have it finished!! I'm about 11 weeks along, so I'm starting to come out of the first trimester blahness and I'm determined to stick to my menu plan....yupp. Thats the plan. :)

I have a master basic menu plan in my Home Management Book that is fairly simple and budget friendly. I know that I will probably still have days of tiredness and not feeling well, so I went even simpler for this month. I chose about 15 super easy meals and we are doing them each twice.

Once I had my dinner meals figured out, I then wrote down some super simple lunch ideas, along with breakfasts, snacks and a couple desserts. We rarely do desserts, but I like to have stuff in the house in case we want something fun one day.

November is quite the busy month for us. We have two birthdays now - our oldest is turning 10 on the 16th and our youngest is turning 1 on t…

Planning - Its A Must

I've always loved making lists. Always. It was such a good thing though for our wedding. Planning a wedding is right up a list makers alley! I loved that!! We paid for our own wedding, so planning was very important. And I loved every second of it. :) Now, having been blessed with a largerish family, its a very good thing to know how to plan and make lists.

Even a simple thing like going to the grocery store takes planning. I know that I need to start getting everyone ready at least 20 minutes before I want to be walking out the door. 30 minutes is better, but I'm not always on my game and get a late start. oops.

For longer trips I need an hour. If I'll need a meal or snack while out, I need to make that ahead of time, know how I'm going to serve it on the go, have cups of water ready, the diaper bag stocked.....then there is just the actual getting ready. Everyone have clothes on that are good to be worn in public (matching, not huge stains or holes, fits correctly), …