Bruising or muscle pain? I have a solution for you!!!

Last night I was awake for about an hour with my knees and ankles aching like crazy. Ouch! I'm not used to driving a lot and I had spent almost three hours driving yesterday. Add in not having enough water yesterday, equals mama having aching knees and ankles. Sigh. I couldn't take it anymore so I forced myself to get up and get my Arnica Cream out of my purse. I rubbed it on wherever I ached and within a few minutes I noticed I wasn't hurting as bad. I was soon able to get to sleep again! Yay!!! Kids have a tendency to fall a lot, get bumps and bruises, especially when you're not at home where you can easily care for them, so I keep Arnica Cream in my purse for that reason. :)My little nephew is at the age where he's starting to stand and uses furniture to walk around....which means he falls more. He has benefited from my cream on more than one occasion. :) I have a friend, who is in her 50's, fall and bruised her arm super bad. It looked horrible! I offered her my cream and by the next day it looked 50% better! She's in love with the stuff now. :) You can also get Arnica Tablets that are great for muscle injuries. Using the cream externally on the injury helps it to heal that much faster.


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