Calendars to (attempt to) keep me organized =)

After reading the book Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman, which is an extremely helpful book, I started making my own Home Management Book. It was fun and its very helpful! My oldest daughter, 7, was looking through mine as I was teaching her how to use it. She was very inspired (and dramatic =D) and decided to make one for herself to use in her bedroom. It was cute to see her working so hard on it. =)

Once I got my Home Management book up and running, I started nailing down my daily and weekly schedules. Once I got it figured it out and how it works best for us, I started making up a monthly calendar for chores. After doing that for two months I was kinda burned out on it. Sad, I know. BUT! It took a couple of hours to make it. I am holding out on buying a ready made, large calendar, so I make my own. =) I take four pieces of construction paper, set them together in a square, line up the edges and put a few pieces of tape on it. Then I take my trusty ruler and marker and measure out the squares. Then I have to copy everything over from the previous month and adjust as needed for that particular month. I also used it for my meals. Takes me a couple of hours to finish it completely. Then I got the brilliant idea to just make one calendar for just chores on it! Then I wouldn't have to make it every single month. Am I good or what?! (yeah, I can be a little slow sometimes...oy) =)

I know you can't read it, but I thought I'd throw a picture in here so you could see what it kinda looks like. I have the days of the week across the top. The red ink are the chores that are (supposed) to be done each day.
~Monday is Laundry Day in our house. Each week I rotate between washing the kids bedding and mom and dads bedding. (yes I do wash it other times if its needed hehehehe). Each week I have a cleaning chore for the laundry room. I have to do laundry throughout the week of course, but I try to get it all done on Monday, so I'm all caught up.
~Tuesday is Kitchen Day. Each day is a chore(s) that is in the kitchen or dining room. I also use that day to do some extra cooking or baking that isn't a part of my normal cooking -  yogurt, laundry soap....
~Wednesday is my Office day. For chores I use it to straighten dresser drawers and closets and to work on the next months menu/grocery list. I try to do any sewing repairs that are needed on that day as well. Not really Office work I know, but it works for me. =)
~Thursdays are basically my Bathroom Days, but that sounds odd, so lets call it my Cleaning Day. =) I am super bad about cleaning my bathrooms. Its not like its hard, I'm not grossed out....I just don't remember to do it! Frustrating. So! I designated a day for it. =) We have three bathrooms, but one is a guest bathroom and doesn't get used all that much. So one week we deep clean the kids bathroom and spot clean the other two. The next week we deep clean mom and dads and spot clean the others and so on. I also have assigned walls that we dust. 
~Fridays are our Family Rest Day. My husband is a Pastor and we don't feel like we get a true day of rest on Sundays. He doesn't for sure, since its an actual work day for him. So we have set aside Fridays to rest. I try to not do a lot of work around the house, just light chores, so he can just relax and not feel bad for not doing much. Friday is also our library day, one of my daughters favorite things to do. =) We occasionally go out as a family to do something fun, but generally we just stay home, rest and enjoy being with each other. 
~Saturday is Prep For Sunday/Outside Chore Day. =) Our week rotates around Sunday, so most of Saturday is spent getting the house in good order and prepared for Sunday. 
~Sunday is the LORD's Day. My husband has taken to doing dishes for me on Sunday's, which is so very nice! I used to just leave them to Monday, but it doesn't really work anymore with the kids. =) Since dishes isn't a normal chore for him, he does them for me, so I can still honor the Sabbath and not work. =) 

So, now I have a Master Chore Calendar hanging above my desk where everyone can see it. =) I make a monthly menu calendar though, since that changes every month. For that, I take four pieces of printer paper, tape it together just like the other, and draw my lines, add the dates and voila! I think it looks so very boring, so I get a pretty blue crayon and color along the edges of my paper. =) 

Looks kinda pinkish purplish...but its not. =) Having these calendars has been such a help to me! I know exactly what needs to be done each day and what I'm to be cooking. I can get my meat out for thawing a couple of days in advance so I'm well prepared. Love it! =)


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