Croup, Fevers and Aching Ears, Oh my!

This past weekend I had one sick little boy. =( We left on Friday to go visit family, stay the night at my parents, then help get ready for our Presbytery Church Camp on Saturday. Friday night, we went to a friends house for dinner. She had just bought this house and hasn't done a lot to it, except start moving in and making the inside homey (its sooo cute!!!). Anyways, she has a small goldfish pond...thingy out front. My 20 month old son had no idea it was water as it had green algae stuff growing over the top of it. Both his dad and I were telling him no and to stop! He was trying to comprehend what we were saying and even trying to stop walking, but the ground sloped JUST a little right there and he had too much he fell in. He was fine for the first second, but then he went under. I was standing 3-4 steps away from him, holding the baby in her carseat, the two older girls were standing near him, but aren't old/big enough to do anything to help. I'm sooo thankful the LORD placed Daddy within one step of our little boy. He pulled him out very fast! Poor Micah was shaking he was so scared!

Okay....enough of my scary story. =) That night he started sounding croupy during the night and felt a little feverish. The next morning my mom watched our three oldest while Dad, the baby and I went food shopping for camp. When I got back, I realized he felt hot. Not warm, but HOT. My sister helped take his temp while I did something with one of the other kids. It read in at 104. Yikes!

I'm all for leaving fevers alone, but this was too high for his age. sigh. I don't like to use tylenol unless I really need to, and since I didn't have anything else with me, I gave him one children's chewable tylenol and started sponging him off. From Saturday till Sunday night at 10pm he ran a pretty consistent fever of 101-103.

I gave him Black Elderberry a couple of times and sponged him down when his fever spiked. We ended up having to give him tylenol once during the day and at least once during the night, when his fever wouldn't come down, even with sponging. Sunday all the kids and I stayed home from church. My husband is the Assistant Pastor, so he got to go to all the services. =) At one point during the day on Sunday, I cut open a Garlic Tablet, squeezed all the gel stuff out, put a little chocolate syrup and whipped cream on it and he ate it just fine. =) I know, I know! Sugar is horrible to have when you're sick as it breaks down your immune system, but I felt it was the best thing to do at the time.

Back to the scary story for a moment. =) Micah's mouth was open when he went under, so I was beginning to wonder what tropical jungle disease was in the water that he probably swallowed. Yikes!! I've never been relieved to have a child get sick, but when our second daughter, Felicity, got sick with the same symptoms - croup, fever, runny nose... - I was soooo relieved!! (and felt horrible for feeling that way!) She didn't have the high fever like her brother did, so I'm thinking his body was fighting some of the icky water germs, plus the sick bug he had, which produced the high fever.

                                         My sweet, sick little boy, getting some needed sleep

THEN, Tuesday night he slept horrible - kicking his feet, pulling at his ears and rubbing his head. =( We rarely go to the doctors office, so I didn't even think about the office being closed on July 4th so I called and called the office, and even called the doctors home phone number they gave on the recording. You're probably thinking "duh!"....yeah, I know. oy. Our family doctor is in Lakeland, 1.5 hours from us, so I loaded the van up Wednesday morning and we headed to my moms house..again. My husband is at camp all this week, as is my mom, dad and siblings. So we had the house to ourselves...which was really strange.

The LORD was very gracious and allowed us to be seen first thing this morning by the doctor. We willing drive the 1.5 hours to see this doctor because he has a very balanced view. He will prescribe antibiotics and medications, but also encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle and to use natural means to heal your body. His goal is to find the root cause and to not have to see you again. Its so refreshing to see him and have him say "If things don't improve, come back in to see me, but hopefully I won't have to see you again." The ear Micah had been tugging on was slightly red, so he probably did have some sort of ear infection, but his body had already cleared it up before we even saw the doctor. Yay!!!

Lessons learned - I can wait it out at home when my kids have ear problems. Now I know. =) I specifically asked if this happened in the future, if I could just treat them at home. So I was doing good! Yay for me! =) Give them garlic, echinacea, vitamin C and Black Elderberry. Make sure they are drinking lots of water and avoid sugars, even fruits.


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