Diaper rashes aren't much fun

If you've never had one of your kids have a diaper rash....please write me and tell me your secret!! :D My kids have all had them at some point, ranging from really bad to pretty minor. I've tried using aloe straight from a plant and buying a couple different types of natural diaper rash cream. The more I learn about products labeled "all natural" is that it's not always exactly all natural. But I've found something that works sooooo good on diaper rashes! Coconut Oil. You can buy it in most grocery stores now, in Whole Food stores, online in small jars or huge five gallon buckets. We recently bought one gallon of it from tropicaltraditions.com and went through it pretty fast. So next time the five gallon bucket goes on sale, we're buying it! Back to diaper rashes.....just rub a little coconut oil on your little ones rash and the next time you change the diaper, you should see improvement. Exiciting, no? :) My little one got a rash and I forgot we had the coconut oil, so I used the natural cream. It didn't do anything! When I changed her diaper the next time, I remembered the coconut oil and slathered it on. The next time I changed her diaper, it was almost gone!!! I was amazed!

I keep a small mason jar filled with coconut oil for external use - diaper rashes, of course, bites, cuts, cradle cap.....anything really! =) I keep a big mason jar filled with coconut oil on the counter next to my stove for cooking purposes.


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