Helping Mama

Having littles ones in the kitchen helping isn't always easy..or help keep you sane =) but its a great time of learning and can be great fun!! Two of my littles ones helped me make laundry soap this morning. First they helped me measure and pour the ingredients. We had to measure out six cups of water, so Micah helped me pour while Lissy counted - we got to work on coordination and math! They also got to stir the mixture together in the bucket and had a blast doing it!

Recipe is on another post titled Homemade Cleaning Solutions


  1. Nice blog! It must be great to have a little database and at the same time encourage others.
    I am about to make my own soap too! Once I found my recipe (I can't remember if it was the Duggars' or another), I also looked up stain treatments and whitening. Ahh... the art and science of laundry. :)


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