I've decided something.....

I've decided that dishes.....

and laundry.......

grow when I'm not looking. =) I'm convinced of it! I JUST did dishes and I have some in my sink again! And the laundry...my baskets always have laundry in them. =)

Now the big question that I need an answer to....if laundry is always growing, then why do I have a sock bin half full of socks that don't have matches? sigh. My heavy pondering for the day. =)


  1. Haha... this is the typical amazement I've often heard from moms with growing families! A friend recently gave me a gift that I hope will help: the book Large Family Logistics. The tips I've learned so far are so awesome. I'm starting to implement the idea of one laundry day a week that this mother of 9 describes in detail. :) She recounts how we've lost the disciplines of wise matrons of yore who had one day a week for laundry, kitchen work, errands, cleaning, and office work. Hopefully if I get the discipline now....

    1. That book is sooo neat!! I acquired it over a year ago and have reread it several times. =) My sister is now going through it. I've implemented her weekly schedule (with a few tweaks to fit my household) and love it! I use Monday as my laundry day, but generally have to do at least one load a day to keep up. I'm not quite to the 4x4 method yet. =) What I think is so neat about that book...well, one of things anyways, is that whether you have one child or twelve, you can use her ideas for your household. I think its great you're starting to use some of her ideas now! Starting early will help a lot!! It took me a good six months to feel like I had a good grip on my household and having it run smoothly. I was doing okay before, but then I read that book and realized I could do so many things to improve!! Have fun!

  2. One more great review for Large Family Logistics, and I'm not surprised! It's amazing how the idea of having a day for certain parts of the household management just take a load off your mind and let you focus on today's tasks. =]


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