My Mission Field

I've had a rough few days physically!! While tending to my son who had fallen and cut his lip, I had an iPad dropped on my foot. ouch!! I wasn't able to walk very well on it for 1.5 days, but it was a very pretty shade of blue. =) Then Saturday morning I was sitting on the ground talking to my baby, stretched and put my back out a little. grrr. I take good health, my feet and my back so for granted most of the time. So when I get injured or sick, it really makes me count my blessings and I strive to be grateful for them even when nothing is wrong.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good! I still have a little pain in my back, but its not holding me back from doing my normal activities, and I can walk just fine on my foot. Praise the LORD!! I was sooo excited and so very thankful to be fully able to serve on my mission field!

What is my mission field? When someone says "mission field", most people think of a missionary working in a different country or of some sort of outreach program. As a wife and mama, my mission field that has been given to me from my Heavenly Father, is my husband and my kids. My focus is to be centered on serving my husband and kids. My goal is to train my children up in righteousness. What a high calling!! I love my job!!!

I freely admit I have moments, sometimes days, where I feel like I just want to give up. The day just isn't going right, my children aren't learning their lessons as quickly as I'd like them to, I can't get my attitude under know those days. But I need to recognize that I'm going to have hard days. That not having the right attitude is a sin issue and I need to get my heart right with my Saviour. Usually, when I get my heart right with GOD, the day goes so much better!! The kids might still be misbehaving and struggling with obedience, but because I'm looking at it with the correct attitude, it just gets better.

                                                                  Silly Little Ones =)

One thing we try to do in any counseling or disciplining we do with our children, is to bring them back to the Word of GOD. What a blessing it is!! I often hear my oldest encouraging the younger kids to not speak rudely, because Jesus doesn't like that and explaining how they should respond. Hearing that makes my heart smile! Its so rewarding to see the fruits of my labors.

I've had such a blessed morning, serving on my mission field, that I wanted to share it with you and to encourage you to keep serving on yours!! Its a lot of hard work being a mama, but its so rewarding! To know I'm raising up warriors for Christ's Kingdom......what an honor. Very humbling to think that GOD chose me to raise my children for Him.


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