Natural Flea Control

Don't you love home remedies?! I know I do!! We've been using natural remedies for a number of years now, and I'm amazed at how little I know sometimes. I'll be doing some research for a specific remedy and will learn something new about Tea Tree Oil or Garlic. Herbs and Oils are amazing things!!

I just bought a 4oz bottle of Tea Tree Oil from and when it arrived, they had sent me a 4oz bottle of Peppermint Oil instead. sigh. I bought the Tea Tree Oil to use for flea control. They have gotten sooo bad in this Florida heat. Bleh. I was all set to email Amazon and ask if they would give me a discount on Tea Tree oil or give me some credit since they made a mistake, but then I decided to do some research first. I learned that I can use Peppermint Oil for flea control too! In the exact same way too! Since the Peppermint cost less than the Tea Tree, I just asked for the difference in the prices to be refunded me. Amazon was great and gladly did that for me. yay!

So tomorrow I'll be bathing my dog, the putting several drops of Peppermint Oil in-between his shoulder blades and rubbing it in. Another tip I learned is to put Peppermint Oil on a cotton ball and just sit it on the counter. As the smell permeates the room, the fleas.....flee. =D I'm going to try to corral the fleas into one room (ha! yeah right!) and put salt down on the carpet and hopefully kill them all......or should I open the front door and see if they all run out? =D Kidding!

I'll have to let ya know how it works.


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