Preparing for Sunday

Saturdays are spent preparing to Worship our Savior on Sunday. With four little ones, its very important in our family that we are well prepared, otherwise our Sunday mornings are crazy and we don't usually feel prepared to worship and learn.

Here are some things we do to make sure we are well prepared to leave Sunday mornings.

We line up everyones shoes Saturday evening.....

Lay all the kids clothes our and Dad and I make sure our clothes are ready to go....

I pack the diaper bag with diapers, wipes, extra clothes for the little ones, water cups, a some sort of snack, usually bananas or popcorn to be eaten on the way home or in the nursery if we get desperate.

I plan to either have a crockpot meal, so that all I have to do Sunday morning is throw the ingredients in the pot and turn it on, or have a very simple meal that has very little prep work for when we get home. 

We eat our big meal after we get home from Morning Worship, then everyone takes naps. =) Then we all eat a biggerish snack and head to church. I will usually take yogurt, cheese sticks, bananas, rice cakes or popcorn for the kids to get one more snack before the Evening Service starts. Then they get more of that snack when we get home for the night. The kids have fun getting to eat snacky foods on Sunday's. =)


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