Sweet Fellowship!

I had such a sweet time of fellowship with my kids this morning! I've found that if my kids are up before 7:30, it doesn't go well. :-/ So, the way it works is if they wake before 7:30, they have to stay laying down somewhere so they get enough rest. At 7:30 they are allowed to get up. Breakfast is at 8. For whatever reason all four were up before 7:30. sigh. Josie was awake at 6:40 wanting to nurse, so I fed her then got my shower. When I got out, the middle littles were awake and Abby was behind them after a few minutes. I had Josie in her bouncy seat and the older three were laying in my bed. They still had about 10 minutes before they were technically allowed up, so we had story time. I asked if they wanted me to read a story and Felicity, 3, excitedly says "Yes! A Jesus story!!" =) I was already planning on reading them a Bible story, but it was so sweet to hear her request that.

We all laid on the bed and I read them Luke chapter 4. They aren't usually all up then, so it was extra sweet to have that time of fellowship together!


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