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Caring for Sick Infants

Having a sick little one isn't easy at all and having a sick infant is very hard! .....I can't decide which is worse, a sick toddler or infant... :-/

I got a phone call this morning from a Grandma who was calling for her daughter-in-law. She has a little baby who isn't feeling well today and Grandma wanted to know how I would care for my baby, as they are only weeks apart in age. This baby's doctor advised to give Baby Tylenol Drops, but Mama wasn't willing to do that. Yay for her!! =)My personal opinion is that Tylenol has a time and place (I've used it many times), but only after trying some home remedies first.

I exclusively breastfeed my babies till at least six months. I prefer to not start solids until 7-8 months though. So when I'm nursing and I have a sick baby, what can I do? Take herbs!!

My advice to Grandma was for the Mama to take Echinacea, Vitamin C and two Garlic Tablets every two hours and try to get Baby to nurse more often. Baby will get s…