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Elderberry Syrup

My kids have all had colds in some form for the last couple of weeks. Nothing bad, just enough for it to be bothersome to them with icky noses. Then I found out we had been exposed to Whooping Cough. bleh. So I started doing research on Whooping Cough, what it is, how to prevent and treat it. We tried a couple of different antibiotic/cough syrup recipes involving garlic....and not one single member of my family could take it. :-/ I had complaints of headaches, upset tummy, and just general not liking it. So we moved on to plan B. =) Making homemade Black Elderberry Syrup. I was buying it from my local health food store, but its not cheap, so I was thrilled to discover I could make it for myself for a whole lots I knew exactly what was going into it. I found a wonderful new blog to follow ( and she told and showed me how to make Elderberrry Sryup!! I found another site ( with a slightly different recipe. I didn't have cinnamon st…

5 easy ways to live simpler, cheaper and healthier

Here are 5 ways that our family lives cheaper, simpler and healthier. What are some things your family does?

1.) Use Cloth Napkins
We have been using cloth napkins for several months now and the only time it was an issue was towards the beginning....when I didn't have a good stock of them. =) I buy a pack of rags from Walmart that has different colors in it. I don't particularly like using the white ones as napkins and now that I'm building up my stock of them, I am starting to use the white ones for cleaning purposes and keeping the colored as napkins. I just bought a new pack and they have some beautiful fall colors!! I'm going to have to get some more of those. =) Its so nice to walk past the napkins and know I'm saving close to $4 on something that will just get thrown away. Now, if we are having a big dinner party, I will gladly go out buy some for that. =)

2.) Re-grow your Green Onions
Instead of throwing out the ends (roots) of your green onions, put them in…


Did that just strike fear into your heart?! It did mine!!

When I was little, we had a small run-in with lice and I can remember sitting for a long time while my mom picked through my hair. I'm the oldest of six, so my poor mother had to do all six of us. Well, I have four little ones and had to do everyone, so I really felt grateful for all that time my mother put into ridding our hair of lice.

I had taken my kids thrifting and Lissy was the only one to try on a dress. She was the worst one, so we can only assume we got it from the thrift store. Now I'm at the point where I never want to go thrifting again. :-/ I'm really hoping I get over that soon since I can't afford to not go thrifting. :)

I had gone to get my hair cut and was told by the stylist cutting my hair that I should probably go to a dermatologist to get my head seen. I had several flea bites on my head and thought she was crazy if she thought I was going to see a doctor for flea bites. She made some other…