Did that just strike fear into your heart?! It did mine!!

When I was little, we had a small run-in with lice and I can remember sitting for a long time while my mom picked through my hair. I'm the oldest of six, so my poor mother had to do all six of us. Well, I have four little ones and had to do everyone, so I really felt grateful for all that time my mother put into ridding our hair of lice.

I had taken my kids thrifting and Lissy was the only one to try on a dress. She was the worst one, so we can only assume we got it from the thrift store. Now I'm at the point where I never want to go thrifting again. :-/ I'm really hoping I get over that soon since I can't afford to not go thrifting. :)

I had gone to get my hair cut and was told by the stylist cutting my hair that I should probably go to a dermatologist to get my head seen. I had several flea bites on my head and thought she was crazy if she thought I was going to see a doctor for flea bites. She made some other comments and I finally put the pieces together - she thought I had lice but wasn't allowed to outright say so. When I got home I started checking heads and sure enough! There they were. The nasty things.

I was horrified that I didn't realize sooner. I had been itching, but knew for a fact I had several bites, so that was that for me. Lissy had been itching a lot so I had checked her head a number of times to see if there was a flea crawling around in her hair. But I never saw anything. I never even considered lice! And until someone told me that I had them, I didn't know what to look for. That was a very rough evening for me - both emotionally and physically.

I felt like a horrible mother for not realizing sooner and that because I didn't know, my daughter was having to go though this. My back and neck hurt soooo bad after going through four kids. But we survived to tell about it! :)

We decided to get the chemical lice treatment to use on Abby and Lissy and go natural for the rest of us. I wasn't comfortable putting those chemicals on the babies and I couldn't use it because I'm nursing. After doing the chemical treatments and going through the process of combing lice and eggs out of their hair, we slathered everyones hair with coconut oil. I did some research on natural ways to get rid of lice and found that coconut oil was a good way to go. We had just bought a huge, five gallon bucket of it, so I went with that. Not only am I rid of lice, but my hair is now very healthy after several treatments of coconut oil. :)

I set up what I called "my laboratory" (I'd sometimes have to accompany that with an evil laugh. Bwa ha ha!!) and every morning and evening I'd check everyones hair. That really cut into my day, let me tell ya! :) I set it up in the living room, right in front of my computer. We would either have a movie going on my computer, or have an ipad set up with a movie or playing on a DS, like Abby is in the picture. Micah's hair is all crazy as I had just slathered oil all over him and hadn't combed it down yet. :)

My husband was sooo sweet and helpful! He jumped right in and started on dishes, laundry, picking up around the house a bit, changing my lice water and helping keep up with the other kids while I just focused on combing through hair. I couldn't have done it without him.

That was such a very long week, but its all done now.....I think. I saw some white bits in Lissy's hair earlier, but I'm pretty sure it was just dandruff...but I'm paranoid. So I'll check her in the morning. :)


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