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A week off!..sorta =)

For our homeschooling we do three weeks of school and then take one week off. I love this! It gives me a chance to catch up housework that I've had to let slide because of teaching school and it gives me a break as well. By the beginning of the third week of school I'm starting to feel a little burned out and that I'm not teaching as well. Having that week off energizes me and I feel so ready to tackle another three weeks of school! 
For our week off this time, we are doing some really (much needed) deep cleaning. I wrote out what rooms I wanted done for each day of the week. Today we cleaned and organized the School Room, I cleaned the Kids Bathroom really good and took everything off my bar counter thingy, wiped it down really good and put only the things back that are meant to be on the bar. =)
Monday's are also my Laundry Day. I have to do laundry almost every day, but Monday's I focus on laundry. I catch up on laundry if I've gotten behind, wash bedding a…