A week off!..sorta =)

For our homeschooling we do three weeks of school and then take one week off. I love this! It gives me a chance to catch up housework that I've had to let slide because of teaching school and it gives me a break as well. By the beginning of the third week of school I'm starting to feel a little burned out and that I'm not teaching as well. Having that week off energizes me and I feel so ready to tackle another three weeks of school! 

For our week off this time, we are doing some really (much needed) deep cleaning. I wrote out what rooms I wanted done for each day of the week. Today we cleaned and organized the School Room, I cleaned the Kids Bathroom really good and took everything off my bar counter thingy, wiped it down really good and put only the things back that are meant to be on the bar. =)

Monday's are also my Laundry Day. I have to do laundry almost every day, but Monday's I focus on laundry. I catch up on laundry if I've gotten behind, wash bedding and rugs if needed and clean my laundry room. I somehow got behind this past week, so I did three loads of laundry on Saturday, so I was in pretty good shape today! =) I washed my older girls bedding and did two loads of laundry. But, sigh, I didn't clean my laundry room. But its okay because its on my list...for Thursday I believe. =) 

In my School Room we rearranged some of the shelving, did lots of cleaning and vacuuming, threw away papers and stuff, and organized our books. It looks and feel sooo good in there!!! I'm actually looking forward to making my lesson plans later in the week! 

During our week off, my kids play like crazy!! I do expect them to do their regular chores as well as help when asked too. Here is Felicity, 3.5, helping by wiping down her desk and her brothers desk. 

This is a terrible picture! My oldest, Abigail, 8 next month, is always on the move and I have a horrible time getting pictures of her doing stuff. If I ask her to pose, boy does she pose! But just random pictures of her....she's hard to get! One of her jobs was to wipe down our little drawer storage things, which badly needed it. :-/

We were almost done cleaning and I was sharpening pencils and putting those little eraser things on the ends, because somehow my daughter kills all of the erasers that come with the pencil. =) Micah, just turned 2!, is helping Mama by handing the erasers to me. He took the job very seriously. =)

Josie, 8 months yesterday, just got to play all day. =) She is teething and has been quite fussy, which isn't normal at all. I'm so looking forward to having my happy baby back!! As long as she had a cold carrot to gnaw on, she was pretty happy then. =) A cold carrot is my version of a teething ring. =)

The kids bathroom looks so nice and clean!!! I'm horrible at getting the bathrooms cleaned. sigh. I don't like cleaning them, which doesn't help, but I love having a clean bathroom! You'd think I'd be more motivated to actually clean them on the days assigned to them. grrr. Anywho, the kids was done today!

My other big job assigned for today was to clean off my bar counter thingy. I took everything off, wiped it down really good and put only the items that are meant to be on the bar back. =) I refilled my flour and rice jars and it just looks so nice! I realized later that I failed to refill my Coconut Oil Mason Jar. oops. I'll have to put that on my list so I don't forget.

Tomorrow we will be tacking Micah's room, the older girls room (including wiping down the fans), the Play Room, Laundry Room and cleaning/wiping out all the lower kitchen cabinets. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of getting my house back in order!! =)


  1. Wow, I never thought about thrift shops spreading stuff... ew. So what are the best thrift shops? And which are the cheapest? I'm going to be cobbling together costumes for a Hobbit party. :)

    1. I'm a fan of thrifting, but don't do it all that much. Taking four kids into small spaces and trying to keep an eye on t as we'll as look for items....I don't handle that well. :-/ Right now I have it pretty good though as my mom and gramma enjoy doing it for me. :D As for the best thrift stores? I think it's a matter of exploring what's in your area. There are tons out there! The one we went to where we got the lice (shudder) had great prices....but I highly doubt I will be able to bring myself to shop there again. :D

    2. *keeping an eye on them. My iPad is being very weird at the moment. :)

    3. I meant to leave that comment on the lice post! haha... but also I just read this post, and I loved learning how you manage... down to the nitty gritty stuff! 3 on 1 off homeschooling sounds like a great idea.
      My one house chore I'm really negligent in is shower cleaning. Recently I listened to a tape from VisionForum about being a keeper at home, and I was inspired to learn to delight in all I do, as the prov. 31 woman is. This girl said she prayed God would help her truly delight in doing dishes, and after a time, she learned to love it! I think if I search for fun and nifty ways to clean the shower, I'll get there too. ;)

    4. Good job!! I read something similar to that years ago and have tried to do that daily. What I read was along the lines of when you get tired or exasperated at the seemingly never ending stream of dirt dishes or laundry, or the constantly dirty floor, to remember that you wouldn't have those things without your children or husband. So instead of looking at all the work you have to do, be thankful for the child that made the muddy footprints you are mopping up yet again. :) That has been such a blessing to me!
      I struggle with cleaning my bathrooms. :-/ I don't hate doing it, in fact I LOVE having a clean bathroom....its the getting in there to do it part that gets me. grr. I even assigned a day of the week that is my Bathroom Day. =D But it always seems that something comes up and I'm not able to do it. sigh. It gets done eventually, just not as often as I like. The kids bathroom has a posted list of five bathroom chores that my older girls are responsible for doing every so often, which helps a LOT! I just cleaned that bathroom really good while my two littles were taking a bath the other day. =)


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