Homemade Baby Wipes

I've used store bought baby wipes for all my kids and just recently switched over to making my own....and I'm in love with it!! I usually buy the bulk box from Walmart and every single time I bought yet another box I'd sigh and think about the money and about the chemicals I'm purchasing to put on my little ones. :-/

It really hasn't been that long that disposable wipes have been around, and yet its a pretty foreign concept to make your own reusable wipes or to use cloth diapers. Even my grandmother, who used reusable diapers and wipes, is totally amazed that I would do this to myself! :) She is very supportive of me, but it still amazed in a slightly impressed/she's crazy way. :)

I generally take my time about doing something new. I like to research my options, read what other mama's have used/done and learn about their methods. So I probably took close to a month before actually making the switch, but its what works for me.

My husband likes to wear shirts till they are dead...sometimes longer. hehehehe He had one shirt that he would pull out every now and then and wear....even with my encouraging him to not! It didn't have holes in it or anything like that....but it was way past dead. So one day, I turned it into rags. :) My stock pile was running sadly low, so instead of purchasing some more, I decided to be thrifty (which he loves) and use his shirt. Since I was being thrifty with his money, he had to love it....or least appreciate it. hehehehehehe :)

So! Instead of buying materials to make wipes, I decided to once again be thrifty...using his dead shirts. Just a warning ladies - I'd run it by your husband before cutting up his shirts. The first shirt I cut up, he knew it needed to die (for real), which is why I felt free to cut it up without asking him. The other shirts though, I ran it by him first. :)

By using old t-shirts you're, of course, being a thrifty wife, but because they have been worn so much, they are soft enough to be used on your little one.

                                            The dog toy is not needed to make baby wipes :)

Now that you've got your supplies ready, start cutting! I ended up cutting some of mine a wee bit too small....okay a lot too small, but now I know for next time. :) I store them in a plastic wipe box and pour my solution over it, which consists of:
2 cups water
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons Dr. Bronner's Unscented Baby-Milk Pure-Castile Soap

After using the wipes, I take them into my laundry room and put them into a largish tupperware that I have no lid for. I keep a mixture of vinegar and water in it for them to soak in till I'm ready to wash them. Generally I wash them with some towels, just to make me feel better. :)


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