Friday, October 31, 2014

My Menu Plan is Completed!

*sweet sigh of relief* I finished up November's Menu Plan yesterday and this afternoon I put it all on my calendar. Feels soooo good to have it finished!! I'm about 11 weeks along, so I'm starting to come out of the first trimester blahness and I'm determined to stick to my menu plan....yupp. Thats the plan. :)

I have a master basic menu plan in my Home Management Book that is fairly simple and budget friendly. I know that I will probably still have days of tiredness and not feeling well, so I went even simpler for this month. I chose about 15 super easy meals and we are doing them each twice.

Once I had my dinner meals figured out, I then wrote down some super simple lunch ideas, along with breakfasts, snacks and a couple desserts. We rarely do desserts, but I like to have stuff in the house in case we want something fun one day.

November is quite the busy month for us. We have two birthdays now - our oldest is turning 10 on the 16th and our youngest is turning 1 on the 3rd. This year we are having a joint family birthday get together for them on the 8th. We have the tradition that the birthday person gets to choose their birthday meals....within reason and with mama's approval. :) Sophie, the youngest, won't care one bit, so I won't have to worry about that this year. And Abby, our oldest, has known for weeks what she wants to have. :) We have a church potluck, company one Sunday, Thanksgiving, and we are taking a three day vacation. We don't normally have this many extra activities going on, so it made it more interesting planning for this month. :)

I like to swap it up in how I go about planning my monthly menu. Sometimes I'll just copy the previous months menu, adjusting as needed for days and events. Sometimes I'll make my calendar up, take out my Home Management Book and start filling in days. And this time I wrote the dates on a lined piece of paper (1-30), the abbreviation of the day of the week next to that, took my list of super simple meals and started with the days that had events going on, then went on from there adding in meals that were good for those days. It was good I did it this way this time, because I forgot a couple of events and had to scribble out, rewrite, add notes, and fix. :)

My Tools
Someone from our church gave us a number of those big desk calendars and I use those to make my monthly menu. Works great!! I also have a ruler, a highlighter, sharpies, a pen, my hole punch, and this time I also used sticky notes.

I like to use different colors, so fun sharpies are a must. :) I used the orange sticky notes on the calendar to add on little notes to the days I needed more info on. The green up top are my breakfast ideas for the month, the orange up top are my lunch ideas, and the pink are my snack and dessert options for this month. I haven't done the sticky note thing yet, but I like the extra colors. :D 

I know not everyone does well with planning for a month and I've done it many different ways. Right now this way works really, really well for us. (And now that I've said it, it probably won't work anymore. hehe) If I don't have a menu plan, chaos would reign and I would end up spending a TON of money. I've always loved making lists and planning, so it comes a little easier to me than some. Its still taken me work to get really good at it. And its something I'll need to change up and learn how to get even better at as our needs change and our family grows. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Planning - Its A Must

I've always loved making lists. Always. It was such a good thing though for our wedding. Planning a wedding is right up a list makers alley! I loved that!! We paid for our own wedding, so planning was very important. And I loved every second of it. :) Now, having been blessed with a largerish family, its a very good thing to know how to plan and make lists.

Even a simple thing like going to the grocery store takes planning. I know that I need to start getting everyone ready at least 20 minutes before I want to be walking out the door. 30 minutes is better, but I'm not always on my game and get a late start. oops.

For longer trips I need an hour. If I'll need a meal or snack while out, I need to make that ahead of time, know how I'm going to serve it on the go, have cups of water ready, the diaper bag stocked.....then there is just the actual getting ready. Everyone have clothes on that are good to be worn in public (matching, not huge stains or holes, fits correctly), clean faces and hands, hair done (I have four girls so far and right now it takes me about 6-12 minutes to do their hair, depending on the hair style), socks and shoes found and then put on. And then I have to get ready too.

If we are having a busy weekend, I need to think through each days meals and know exactly what I will be doing for every meal. I think ahead to Sunday and if I'll need meat thawed, I make sure its in the fridge to thaw days before so that its ready for me to cook when I'm ready. I figure out if I need to get anything from the store so that I don't have to go Saturday evening when we are trying to finish preparing for the LORD's Day. We live about 30 minutes from the church so we just pack for the day and stay there. It works really well. But I have to do the packing. So if its a busy weekend, I need to do some of the packing ahead of time and get start making the list for Sunday.

No matter whats going on, planning is very, very important for a large or largerish family like us. If you don't plan, it can be stressful. It will usually cost more money. You will probably be late or maybe on time, but not in the best mood.

The LORD gives us many verses about planning and being ready. Our favorite verse is Proverbs 6:6 - 'Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.' Even teeny, tiny ants prepare. They know winter is coming and they work to have food. We should be like that! Working hard. Planning. Preparing. Know what is coming up. I don't mean telling the future, just knowing what events will be happening and being prepared for them.

I've gotten better and better at it over the years. When we were first married and had no kids, we would be late for Sunday School quite often. I still can't believe that. Then we had one child and I had to be more prepared. I can remember several Sunday's being late because I had to nurse the baby and I still had to get ready to go. Instead of preparing stuff the night before and getting up earlier so that I was ready to go when it was time for Baby to nurse, I just took it as it came. I didn't plan. I finally figured it out thankfully!

Then the LORD gave us several more kids in a row. I had to really figure it out. Quick! My husband was a pastor by this time, so we HAD to be out the door at a certain time. No ifs, ands, or buts. We only had one car, so if I was running really late for some reason, I had to stay home. I think that only happened a few times during a first trimester when I was sick and needing to run to the bathroom. :)

Our week revolves around Sunday. Mostly because my husband is the pastor of our church, but also because we think that the LORD's Day should be front and center. We want to teach our kids that going to church comes first, before anything else. We often have to forego family activities because they happen on Saturday and most of the family lives 1.5 hours away. *Sometimes* we do things on Saturday's with them, but its not often at all. We wouldn't get home until later in the day and we still needed to do our normal house stuff, as well as getting ready for Sunday. Thats a choice we have made. And sometimes its hard to stick by it. I feel like we miss out on a lot. But then Sunday comes, we are well rested, well prepared and we are so blessed. That makes it all worth it. I'm not saying you shouldn't do stuff on Saturday's, just be prepared. If you can handle it, great!! It just doesn't work for our family.

If you're not good at planning, I encourage you to work on it. Its very rewarding! It takes quite a bit of work at first, but once you have it makes life sooooo super easy!.....or maybe easier. :) If you are good at planning, keep it up!!! If you're just starting down the road of planning, don't give up. Find resources that suit your needs and help you. Rely on your husband's wisdom and ask him for advice when things seem to get really rough or when you get in a rut.

Be like the ant. Work. Plan. Be prepared.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Making the Effort

Do you struggle with getting to church on time? Or even just getting out the door at the time you want? Do you struggle with being prepared? Having Sunday morning go smoothly?

I do.

Some weeks it goes so smoothly. We all have good attitudes. The van is loaded by a good time. No one is missing anything. The kids are all buckled in the van several minutes before its time to leave, allowing me to finish gathering up the last few items, turning off lights, doing a quick clean up of the kitchen getting those last couple of food items in the fridge that were missed. Its just awesome.

And then there are those other Sunday's. The ones I try to block from my memory. The ones that happen too often. The ones that make me glad no one is around to see. There is chaos. Everyone (read, me) has a bad attitude. There is complaining. A missing shoe. The van doesn't get loaded until the time we are supposed to be pulling out the driveway.

But there are also those other Sunday's that....honestly....I'd rather just stay home. *hangs head in shame* Yes. I feel that way. This past Sunday was one of those Sunday's.

Saturday's, from about 4pm till late, is spent getting ready for Sunday. Laying out clothes, finding shoes, preparing food, packing the diaper bag, getting everyone bathed, doing a little extra cleaning so the house is in good shape.....but this last Saturday it didn't happen. I'm about 9 weeks along with our sweet Blessing #6 and I felt sooo sick. It was terrible. I just wanted to lay in bed. Maybe have a pity party for a while. And sleep. I wanted sleep so bad. I laid out clothes, started packing extra clothes, made my list....and that was about as far as I got.

We live about 30 minutes from church, so we stay there all day. Which means we take our pillows, blankets to make beds on the nursery floor, our lunch, snacks, extra clothes, and other junk, I mean stuff! I told my husband that I just needed to go to bed, that hopefully I would sleep good and be able to finish up in the morning. Otherwise he could leave at 9am by himself and we would follow as soon as we could. I could tell he wasn't happy about that, but he also knew how sick I was feeling. I started getting for bed and realized I was being selfish. That I was kinda hoping I would end up just needing to stay home. I needed to change my heart attitude and make the decision that I was going to be ready on time. No if's, and's, or but's about it.

And I did it! I was up at 7:15, grabbed a quick shower and by 7:40 was dressed and mostly ready for the day. I made the kids their usual Sunday Morning Breakfast - scrambled eggs. Its quick, fast, easy clean up, and full of protein to help them make it through the morning. While they were eating, I started collecting pillows, blankets, food and such. After they were done, I sent the older kids to dress while I dressed the younger ones and got them ready to walk out the door. At 8:30ish, I was loading the van up. At 8:45 I (almost) always start assigning small chores - put these clothes in the dirty basket, put those books away, feed and water the dog and put him up, straighten that chair.....just little things to make the house look neater when we come! it keep the kids busy and out of trouble. :)

We were pulling out of the driveway at our usual 9:03. I have no idea. That just always ends up being the time we actually leave. Weird, I know. :)

When I make the effort to have a good attitude, the LORD blesses me. When I make the effort to be prepared for the LORD's Day, I always leave feeling grateful and blessed. When I make the effort to be pleasant, the kids enjoy church more and are generally more well behaved (not always though).

I'd encourage you to really look at your Sunday mornings. Do you need to do more work Saturday to be more prepared and have the morning to be more smooth? Ask your husband how he feels Sunday mornings go. Does he want to see something different happen? Have a short time of Family Worship to prepare for Worshipping at church? Make a list of things that you/he want to see happen or be different about Sunday mornings, then brainstorm how to make that happen.

The LORD will bless you for making the effort to be ready to worship Him.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ramblings on Feeling Overwhelmed

We've had a super busy 4-5 days! A bridal shower an hour and a half away, church on Sunday (we live 30 minutes away, so we just stay all day at the church and the kids nap, I rest and my husband - who is the pastor - works), Monday the kids and I spent the morning taking soup to a couple people and then got to have an un-planned lunch with Daddy and Tuesday I did my monthly shopping trip to Sams Club for bulk items. I'm normally not that busy, especially in a row like that.

I felt like I couldn't keep up with anything! I would do dishes, turn around, and I'd have a sink full. The laundry wasn't getting done. There were small messes everywhere. And even though I was working and the kids were doing their chores, I didn't seem to be making any headway.

Not sleeping well for a couple of nights, all the extra activities and raising five kids was making for one exhausted mama! Yesterday I was texting my mom and sister about feeling so overwhelmed. I ended my text with "one thing at a thing at a time". I was attempting to do that, but it wasn't going well. After "saying it out loud", it was easier to actually do that.

I looked around and saw a gazillion things that needed to be done - laundry started, laundry folded, dishes needed washing, floors that needed to be swept, rooms needed to be straightened, bathrooms needed cleaning and five kids that needed my supervision and training. I would start a job, need to stop to disciple or discipline a child, get distracted by another job then realize I never finished the first job I started!

Nap time rolled around and I felt like I hadn't done anything!! Once I got all the kids settled, I went into the kitchen and was determined I wouldn't do another job till the kitchen was completely done. Dinner went into the crockpot, dishes were put away, another load washed and left to dry. The floor was swept. Counters were found and wiped down. Bit by bit I saw progress and boy! did that feel good!!

At some point I turned on Pandora to my Keith & Kristyn Getty station. I love having music playing. After I conquered the kitchen, I moved into the dining room. I found my table AND all the chairs (it wasn't all that bad, but feeling so overwhelmed made it look much worse than it was), wiped them all down, swept the floor, folded a load of clothes on the table and left them there since I had a couple more loads coming.

Next up was the living room. It got straightened, pillows set to rights, swept and looked so nice and cozy! I was feeling so much better! I felt like I could breath! The house was feeling somewhat normal again......and then kids woke up....and we ate dinner......and I was back to square one.

Today went better.

A bit.

At the beginning of each month I do a bulk trip to Sams Club, one to Publix and one to Walmart to get items for the best price. I was going to do my Walmart trip this morning, but decided for my sanity I should postpone till tomorrow.

Keeping things in perspective, working on one thing at a time, and remembering that my kids souls are the most important thing. If I stay behind for a while or even not get a single thing done during the day because my kids need training and counseling, then so be it.

I need to remember that while my goal should be to have an orderly home, teaching them GOD's truths need to come first. A lot of my getting-so-behind this week was in part due to doing extra activities, but also in part in doing training with my kids.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Littles Memorizing?? It can be done!!

Each summer our Presbytery holds a week long camp for our churches. Its unusual in that its open to ages 5-college! The kids are divided up into four teams and each team has a even amount of littles, middles and bigs. They spend the week working, playing, and learning together as a team. Each team earns points throughout the week, so its a competition to see who can win. :) I've seen older teen boys sit patiently with little ones, helping them memorize verses and review sermons partly (or maybe mostly haha) to earn points, but also to teach them truths about their Saviour. Its an amazing thing!

Anywho, to get to the point of this post, :) the men of the Presbytery chooses 1-2 passages of Scripture that will be taught on all week. The kids are encouraged to memorize it and most of them do! I haven't been for several years now because I didn't have any kids who could participate. This year though, our oldest gets to join in! So, we've been memorizing I Corinthians 13 in school, as its one of the chosen passages.

If you think littles can't memorize, I'm here to tell you its not true!! I have my 9, 5, 3, & 2 year old memorizing this chapter. And guess what?! The 3 & 2 year old are doing an amazing job!!! I knew they knew bits and pieces, but Micah (3) just totally amazed me yesterday. Josie (2) kept repeating something to me and at first I couldn't figure it out, then I began to wonder if she was saying part of a  verse. Micah steps in and says "I told Josie that! 'If I speak, in the tongues, of men and angels'". I got so excited!! They had had a conversation involving scripture!! A three year old and a two year old!!

VERY excitedly I asked what came next, and with only a few prompts, he quoted I Corinthians 13:1-6. I was ecstatic!!! We've learned verses before in school and he and Josie have done a great job of memorizing them, but they were individual verses. This was a passage and I didn't think he would be able to do it all like that.

Its so important to teach our kids the Truths of GOD's Word. Especially at a young age. Their minds are like sponges. Take the time to teach them. The dishes will still be there, so will the laundry and the hundred other things you have to do today. Our mission is to raise warriors for Christ and we must start now. Take up this amazing challenge of raising warriors and keep training them! Don't grow weary, Mama!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Swaddling - yay or nay?

Do you swaddle your baby? Its an interesting topic that I've discussed with other mamas. Its amazing the differing opinions and how each mama feels about it. What also amazes me is that whatever that mama chooses to do, works for them! I love how uniquely we are all created and what works for one mama, might not work for another. It doesn't take much to fascinate me. hehehehe

I choose to swaddle my little ones and see great benefits from it. Soon after they are born they are swaddled up to keep them warm and to mimic their cozy environment that they just left. I figure they were kept warm and cozy for at least 9 months, they probably would love to continue feeling that warm, cozy feeling. Once they start moving around and flailing their arms around, I find it a needed thing to swaddle. Mine have all either woken themselves up or kept themselves awake by hitting themselves in the face. :) If they are swaddled they can't do that. :)

Its also a great sleep cue for them and such an easy one! I have a routine for my infants - eat, wake time, then sleep. When its their awake time I have them unwrapped, then when its time for them to sleep, I swaddle them up. Once they learn that cue (which doesn't take long if you start doing this right away), they relax right away......generally speaking anyways. :)

Personally I love swaddling, but I know several mamas that don't do it at all. If it works, it works! Its what you think is best for your little one and how you want to train them. I didn't really swaddle my first and had a hard time teaching her to sleep. The others I've swaddled and had a much easier time.

So what's your preference?
                                                              Having some awake time

                                Swaddled up in Mama's arms outside while the other kids play

My happy, swaddled, contended, pirate baby :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birth Day to Me! :D

Five years ago today I gave birth to my second daughter. We were living in Oregon at the time and I was able to have a wonderful homebirth. Our oldest was almost five before the LORD blessed us again. Those five years were so very hard. I would have times where I was upset and depressed because I still wasn't pregnant. I had a very hard time learning the lesson of contentment with the LORD's will. We thought the LORD was only going to give us one precious Blessing and I was working so hard to be content with that. Then one day I found out I was pregnant. I was ecstatic!!!! 

During those five years of waiting I learned about midwifery and homebirths so right away I knew I wanted to use a midwife. At first, we were going to have our baby at a birthing center. THEN I learned they did homebirths! We lived in a very small community and the birthing center was an hour away, so to find out they did homebirths was very exciting on many levels. I was given such wonderful care during my pregnancy from the midwives at Alma Midwifery in Portland, OR. (if you live near there, you should totally check them out! :D) 

I started having contractions very early in the morning and they jumped to 3 minutes apart and were getting stronger very fast. So we called our midwives and one came out sometime between 5-6am to see how things were going. I was so hoping to have a baby by noon or so......I didn't have my little booger until 9:08 pm!!! Oy! :) My mom and sister had arrived two days before, so they were caring for our oldest and my mom was in and out, supporting and helping me. 

Being my first homebirth I was nervous, but I was so relaxed and comfortable (as much as you can be in labor anyways) being at home. My first was a hospital birth and I hated it. Homebirths are an amazing, peaceful, empowering experience. Felicity Lynn had a headful of dark hair and looked almost identical to her daddy when he was a baby. She has his brown eyes, which I absolutely adore! 

She is such a good big sister, loves to make us all laugh, and is a joy to be around. Knowing she has claimed Christ as her own already is such a blessing! I love hearing her tell her siblings about Jesus! Each of the kids have a special bond with each other, but some had an extra special bond with one or the other. Felicity and Sophie are developing that already and its such a joy to see! I'm so looking forward to what the LORD has in store for my Sweet Felicity. 

I have a four month old!!

I can't believe its been four months since we had our sweet baby girl. Time sure does fly!! Sophie May was born to us on Sunday, November 3rd, 2014 at 12:42am...ish. :) I started having light contractions Saturday morning, but they weren't too consistent or too strong, so I thought I'd have a couple days to go. I texted my midwife, giving her updates as the day went along. I had to stop and breath through them, but they still weren't terribly strong. And it was getting super annoying. And I was getting super tired. :) I told my midwife I'd text her between 8-9 that night and then hopefully would leave her be until morning. We put the kids to bed around 8pm and they started getting stronger. We called my midwife around 9 and she heard me go through a contraction. "Um.....I think I'm going to come over and see how things are going." was her response. I started wondering if maybe things were actually moving along!

When I get to the transition point, I always give my husband this look that says "I can't do this. I'm done." and he always encourages me and then I'm able to handle it better. I never got to that point! I was mentally handling the contractions so well that I didn't realize I was that far into labor. I started feeling kinda pushy, but just like the others, I tried not to push until I couldn't stand it anymore. I was on my way to sit on the bed in preparation for birth and the next thing I know, my water broke and Baby was here! (when my water breaks, baby is born within seconds) I never actually pushed! It was crazy.

I was 100% sure I was having a boy, so I was quite shocked when my husband announced she was a girl. :D I asked a couple times "A girl?! You sure??" *snicker*

My mom has been able to attend all my births so far and its been such a blessing to me! She s a great support to me and knows just went to step in and when to step back and just let my husband and I be. Along with my husband and mom, I had two amazing midwives attending me. This is my third birth with this midwife and my fourth homebirth. *sigh* I love homebirths! :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Its Not Valentines Day Around here

Valentines Day. A day people express their love with cards, candy, balloons and such. Personally, I've always found Valentines Day to be pretty cheesy. Thankfully so does my husband. hehehehe :) My daughter has a weird sense of humor, even before she was born. She decided to make her grand appearance on February 14th two years ago. :)

This was my third home birth and just like the others, it was wonderful. I remember sitting on my ball, going through a hard contraction, when my midwife arrived. Once that contraction stopped, I just gave her this look and said "I should have known she would have picked Valentines Day to come. Grrr." She cracked up so bad! I wasn't able to outwardly enjoy the moment, but inside I was chuckling. :)

Josie Grace is such a sweet girl! Mischievous, loves being girly, playing with Dolly's, eating dirt *sigh*, helping Mama do chores, playing with her siblings, taking care of "her" baby (her three month old sister) and so much more! She keeps us on our toes for sure. I did a birthday photo shoot with her this morning and thought I'd share a few here.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teaching Modesty - Its Easier Than You Think

I recently had a conversation with my 9 year old about wanting to get some shorter dresses to wear over jeans, which led into a discussion about modesty. It was such a joy to talk with her about modesty and it was so easy to talk about it with her! A few minutes later I hear her encouraging her 5 year old sister to be modest while doing something. It struck me how easy it is to teach modesty. I've heard it said that its so very hard to teach it or that moms don't know where to even begin. Its really simple.....if you have something to back it up. And I do.

~ Start teaching your girls modesty when they are newborns. 
Often as I'm dressing my babies, I chat with them on all sorts of stuff, and often I comment on being modest. "We need to get you dressed, so you're all modest for Jesus. We can't have your belly hanging out, because that's not modest at all!" (and yes, usually said in a stupid voice. oy) :) Its never to early to start teaching our girls about modesty. 

~Use simple phrases that are suitable for babies and toddlers.

Jesus wants you to be modest. 
Keep your dress down. 
Act like a lady. 
Sit nice and neat. (my phrase I use with my kids :)) 

We each have our own phrases, so think of one that suits you and your definition of modesty, keep it simple, and start using it with your precious girls. 

~Always back it up.

Always, always! Back up your rules for modesty with Scripture. Titus 2 is a good starting place, but there are many others. If you can't back it up with scripture, its not going to mean much to them. If you can back it up, teach them why you have your standards and they will embrace it. Having Christ as the center of everything is very important.

~As they get older, start teaching them the "why's" and "how's". 

Around age 5-6, I start being more specific with the "why's" of being modest, still keeping it simple for their age. One of the things I start saying around this point is that "there are bad guys who like to look at girls in a bad way, so its important to always be modest". Not only is dressing modestly biblical, but its also a protection. 

Up to this point I've told them to keep their dress down, to keep it over their knees, that sort of thing, but now they are ready for more. If I see them doing a specific thing is causing them to be very immodest, I take the time to teach them how to properly do it. For instance, sitting on the couch with their legs up to be comfortable while reading a book. I sit with them and give them step by step directions on how to still sit comfortably, but also be modest. Then we practice a few times, giving lots of praise when they get it. It usually turns into a giggle fest. :) 

We start talking about making sure their shirts aren't too low or loose "so no one can see their belly" is how I phrase it at this age. If they are wearing a skirt and shirt, making sure the shirt stays down so no belly is showing is taught as well.

Around age 7-8, I go even more specific. This morning my oldest and I were chatting and it turned to modesty as we were talking about clothes. I wouldn't mind wearing jeans every now and then if I had a short dress to wear over them. I personally feel its important to keep my hips and *ahem* butt covered. I don't want to draw attention to that area at all, so if my girls are wearing jeans or pants, they have a long shirt or shorter dress on so they are covered. It was a good conversation, but got a few giggles over having a conversation centering butts. :)

I don't spend hours upon hours teaching them modesty. Just here and there, when the situation presents itself. Now my 9 year old and I often talk about it, because it just comes up in conversations or she has a question. Its a common topic in our house, even if its just a sentence or two. 

~Beautiful inside and out

We teach our girls that they should focus on being beautiful on the inside, not on the outside. That doesn't mean to say we don't encourage them to look pretty, because we do. We just don't focus on that. Everyday they put on nice clothes and get their hair done (most days anyways) so they look fresh, pleasing and are ready to go. I personally find that when I'm wearing nice (not slouching around the house) clothes and my hair and make up are done, I feel much better and work better. I tell them its a good thing to look pretty for their long as they don't take it to the extreme of becoming vain about it (which is easy for girls to do. oh my). 

I used to wear jeans allll the time, but was never fully comfortable. I didn't realize I was having a modesty issue (go ahead, call me dumb *rolls eyes*). Now I wear skirts and dresses all the time and my girls do the same. My oldest remembers wearing pants and shorts and really missed it when we first started wearing only dresses. I backed up my reasons with scripture and she had no issue with it, just questions every now and then. If there is a situation that it would be more modest to wear jeans or long shorts, we have no problem with letting them do so. Our churches summer camp will be one of those time that shorts will be much more modest than wearing a dress.

Each family has their own standard of modesty, so impart that to your girls. And boys. Just a different level there.....although my son (3) has been known to ask if he can wear a dress like his sisters......and is often seen carrying a purse.... :D

Take time to teach your precious girls modesty, using Scripture to back it up. Start young and never stop. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Well, its been a wee while......

I knew I hadn't posted here in a while, but I didn't know it had been a year! wow. So much has happened this last year!! The biggest thing being we added a new Blessing to our family - Sophie May.
                                                             Sophie May - 10 weeks

I was blessed to have another home birth, attended by my amazing husband, my awesome midwife and very supportive mom. She was born on November 3rd at 12:42 am and just a little while later my oldest (9) woke up and got to meet her new sister. We weren't about to wake anyone else up. hehehehe! I was totally confident that she was a it was a surprise to have a girl. Not that we mind a bit! I was just so sure.....but boy was I wrong. :) We didn't even have a girls name picked out until 3-4 days before she was born! :) She is such a good baby and has slipped right in to our family and routine.