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Its Not Valentines Day Around here

Valentines Day. A day people express their love with cards, candy, balloons and such. Personally, I've always found Valentines Day to be pretty cheesy. Thankfully so does my husband. hehehehe :) My daughter has a weird sense of humor, even before she was born. She decided to make her grand appearance on February 14th two years ago. :)

This was my third home birth and just like the others, it was wonderful. I remember sitting on my ball, going through a hard contraction, when my midwife arrived. Once that contraction stopped, I just gave her this look and said "I should have known she would have picked Valentines Day to come. Grrr." She cracked up so bad! I wasn't able to outwardly enjoy the moment, but inside I was chuckling. :)

Josie Grace is such a sweet girl! Mischievous, loves being girly, playing with Dolly's, eating dirt *sigh*, helping Mama do chores, playing with her siblings, taking care of "her" baby (her three month old sister) and so much mo…

Teaching Modesty - Its Easier Than You Think

I recently had a conversation with my 9 year old about wanting to get some shorter dresses to wear over jeans, which led into a discussion about modesty. It was such a joy to talk with her about modesty and it was so easy to talk about it with her! A few minutes later I hear her encouraging her 5 year old sister to be modest while doing something. It struck me how easy it is to teach modesty. I've heard it said that its so very hard to teach it or that moms don't know where to even begin. Its really simple.....if you have something to back it up. And I do.

~ Start teaching your girls modesty when they are newborns.  Often as I'm dressing my babies, I chat with them on all sorts of stuff, and often I comment on being modest. "We need to get you dressed, so you're all modest for Jesus. We can't have your belly hanging out, because that's not modest at all!" (and yes, usually said in a stupid voice. oy) :) Its never to early to start teaching our girls …

Well, its been a wee while......

I knew I hadn't posted here in a while, but I didn't know it had been a year! wow. So much has happened this last year!! The biggest thing being we added a new Blessing to our family - Sophie May.
                                                             Sophie May - 10 weeks

I was blessed to have another home birth, attended by my amazing husband, my awesome midwife and very supportive mom. She was born on November 3rd at 12:42 am and just a little while later my oldest (9) woke up and got to meet her new sister. We weren't about to wake anyone else up. hehehehe! I was totally confident that she was a it was a surprise to have a girl. Not that we mind a bit! I was just so sure.....but boy was I wrong. :) We didn't even have a girls name picked out until 3-4 days before she was born! :) She is such a good baby and has slipped right in to our family and routine.