Its Not Valentines Day Around here

Valentines Day. A day people express their love with cards, candy, balloons and such. Personally, I've always found Valentines Day to be pretty cheesy. Thankfully so does my husband. hehehehe :) My daughter has a weird sense of humor, even before she was born. She decided to make her grand appearance on February 14th two years ago. :)

This was my third home birth and just like the others, it was wonderful. I remember sitting on my ball, going through a hard contraction, when my midwife arrived. Once that contraction stopped, I just gave her this look and said "I should have known she would have picked Valentines Day to come. Grrr." She cracked up so bad! I wasn't able to outwardly enjoy the moment, but inside I was chuckling. :)

Josie Grace is such a sweet girl! Mischievous, loves being girly, playing with Dolly's, eating dirt *sigh*, helping Mama do chores, playing with her siblings, taking care of "her" baby (her three month old sister) and so much more! She keeps us on our toes for sure. I did a birthday photo shoot with her this morning and thought I'd share a few here.


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