Happy Birth Day to Me! :D

Five years ago today I gave birth to my second daughter. We were living in Oregon at the time and I was able to have a wonderful homebirth. Our oldest was almost five before the LORD blessed us again. Those five years were so very hard. I would have times where I was upset and depressed because I still wasn't pregnant. I had a very hard time learning the lesson of contentment with the LORD's will. We thought the LORD was only going to give us one precious Blessing and I was working so hard to be content with that. Then one day I found out I was pregnant. I was ecstatic!!!! 

During those five years of waiting I learned about midwifery and homebirths so right away I knew I wanted to use a midwife. At first, we were going to have our baby at a birthing center. THEN I learned they did homebirths! We lived in a very small community and the birthing center was an hour away, so to find out they did homebirths was very exciting on many levels. I was given such wonderful care during my pregnancy from the midwives at Alma Midwifery in Portland, OR. (if you live near there, you should totally check them out! :D) 

I started having contractions very early in the morning and they jumped to 3 minutes apart and were getting stronger very fast. So we called our midwives and one came out sometime between 5-6am to see how things were going. I was so hoping to have a baby by noon or so......I didn't have my little booger until 9:08 pm!!! Oy! :) My mom and sister had arrived two days before, so they were caring for our oldest and my mom was in and out, supporting and helping me. 

Being my first homebirth I was nervous, but I was so relaxed and comfortable (as much as you can be in labor anyways) being at home. My first was a hospital birth and I hated it. Homebirths are an amazing, peaceful, empowering experience. Felicity Lynn had a headful of dark hair and looked almost identical to her daddy when he was a baby. She has his brown eyes, which I absolutely adore! 

She is such a good big sister, loves to make us all laugh, and is a joy to be around. Knowing she has claimed Christ as her own already is such a blessing! I love hearing her tell her siblings about Jesus! Each of the kids have a special bond with each other, but some had an extra special bond with one or the other. Felicity and Sophie are developing that already and its such a joy to see! I'm so looking forward to what the LORD has in store for my Sweet Felicity. 


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