I have a four month old!!

I can't believe its been four months since we had our sweet baby girl. Time sure does fly!! Sophie May was born to us on Sunday, November 3rd, 2014 at 12:42am...ish. :) I started having light contractions Saturday morning, but they weren't too consistent or too strong, so I thought I'd have a couple days to go. I texted my midwife, giving her updates as the day went along. I had to stop and breath through them, but they still weren't terribly strong. And it was getting super annoying. And I was getting super tired. :) I told my midwife I'd text her between 8-9 that night and then hopefully would leave her be until morning. We put the kids to bed around 8pm and they started getting stronger. We called my midwife around 9 and she heard me go through a contraction. "Um.....I think I'm going to come over and see how things are going." was her response. I started wondering if maybe things were actually moving along!

When I get to the transition point, I always give my husband this look that says "I can't do this. I'm done." and he always encourages me and then I'm able to handle it better. I never got to that point! I was mentally handling the contractions so well that I didn't realize I was that far into labor. I started feeling kinda pushy, but just like the others, I tried not to push until I couldn't stand it anymore. I was on my way to sit on the bed in preparation for birth and the next thing I know, my water broke and Baby was here! (when my water breaks, baby is born within seconds) I never actually pushed! It was crazy.

I was 100% sure I was having a boy, so I was quite shocked when my husband announced she was a girl. :D I asked a couple times "A girl?! You sure??" *snicker*

My mom has been able to attend all my births so far and its been such a blessing to me! She s a great support to me and knows just went to step in and when to step back and just let my husband and I be. Along with my husband and mom, I had two amazing midwives attending me. This is my third birth with this midwife and my fourth homebirth. *sigh* I love homebirths! :)


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