Littles Memorizing?? It can be done!!

Each summer our Presbytery holds a week long camp for our churches. Its unusual in that its open to ages 5-college! The kids are divided up into four teams and each team has a even amount of littles, middles and bigs. They spend the week working, playing, and learning together as a team. Each team earns points throughout the week, so its a competition to see who can win. :) I've seen older teen boys sit patiently with little ones, helping them memorize verses and review sermons partly (or maybe mostly haha) to earn points, but also to teach them truths about their Saviour. Its an amazing thing!

Anywho, to get to the point of this post, :) the men of the Presbytery chooses 1-2 passages of Scripture that will be taught on all week. The kids are encouraged to memorize it and most of them do! I haven't been for several years now because I didn't have any kids who could participate. This year though, our oldest gets to join in! So, we've been memorizing I Corinthians 13 in school, as its one of the chosen passages.

If you think littles can't memorize, I'm here to tell you its not true!! I have my 9, 5, 3, & 2 year old memorizing this chapter. And guess what?! The 3 & 2 year old are doing an amazing job!!! I knew they knew bits and pieces, but Micah (3) just totally amazed me yesterday. Josie (2) kept repeating something to me and at first I couldn't figure it out, then I began to wonder if she was saying part of a  verse. Micah steps in and says "I told Josie that! 'If I speak, in the tongues, of men and angels'". I got so excited!! They had had a conversation involving scripture!! A three year old and a two year old!!

VERY excitedly I asked what came next, and with only a few prompts, he quoted I Corinthians 13:1-6. I was ecstatic!!! We've learned verses before in school and he and Josie have done a great job of memorizing them, but they were individual verses. This was a passage and I didn't think he would be able to do it all like that.

Its so important to teach our kids the Truths of GOD's Word. Especially at a young age. Their minds are like sponges. Take the time to teach them. The dishes will still be there, so will the laundry and the hundred other things you have to do today. Our mission is to raise warriors for Christ and we must start now. Take up this amazing challenge of raising warriors and keep training them! Don't grow weary, Mama!!


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