Ramblings on Feeling Overwhelmed

We've had a super busy 4-5 days! A bridal shower an hour and a half away, church on Sunday (we live 30 minutes away, so we just stay all day at the church and the kids nap, I rest and my husband - who is the pastor - works), Monday the kids and I spent the morning taking soup to a couple people and then got to have an un-planned lunch with Daddy and Tuesday I did my monthly shopping trip to Sams Club for bulk items. I'm normally not that busy, especially in a row like that.

I felt like I couldn't keep up with anything! I would do dishes, turn around, and I'd have a sink full. The laundry wasn't getting done. There were small messes everywhere. And even though I was working and the kids were doing their chores, I didn't seem to be making any headway.

Not sleeping well for a couple of nights, all the extra activities and raising five kids was making for one exhausted mama! Yesterday I was texting my mom and sister about feeling so overwhelmed. I ended my text with "one thing at a time...one thing at a time". I was attempting to do that, but it wasn't going well. After "saying it out loud", it was easier to actually do that.

I looked around and saw a gazillion things that needed to be done - laundry started, laundry folded, dishes needed washing, floors that needed to be swept, rooms needed to be straightened, bathrooms needed cleaning and five kids that needed my supervision and training. I would start a job, need to stop to disciple or discipline a child, get distracted by another job then realize I never finished the first job I started!

Nap time rolled around and I felt like I hadn't done anything!! Once I got all the kids settled, I went into the kitchen and was determined I wouldn't do another job till the kitchen was completely done. Dinner went into the crockpot, dishes were put away, another load washed and left to dry. The floor was swept. Counters were found and wiped down. Bit by bit I saw progress and boy! did that feel good!!

At some point I turned on Pandora to my Keith & Kristyn Getty station. I love having music playing. After I conquered the kitchen, I moved into the dining room. I found my table AND all the chairs (it wasn't all that bad, but feeling so overwhelmed made it look much worse than it was), wiped them all down, swept the floor, folded a load of clothes on the table and left them there since I had a couple more loads coming.

Next up was the living room. It got straightened, pillows set to rights, swept and looked so nice and cozy! I was feeling so much better! I felt like I could breath! The house was feeling somewhat normal again......and then kids woke up....and we ate dinner......and I was back to square one.

Today went better.

A bit.

At the beginning of each month I do a bulk trip to Sams Club, one to Publix and one to Walmart to get items for the best price. I was going to do my Walmart trip this morning, but decided for my sanity I should postpone till tomorrow.

Keeping things in perspective, working on one thing at a time, and remembering that my kids souls are the most important thing. If I stay behind for a while or even not get a single thing done during the day because my kids need training and counseling, then so be it.

I need to remember that while my goal should be to have an orderly home, teaching them GOD's truths need to come first. A lot of my getting-so-behind this week was in part due to doing extra activities, but also in part in doing training with my kids.


  1. "I would start a job, need to stop to disciple or discipline a child, get distracted by another job then realize I never finished the first job I started!"

    "And she runs around in circles til she's very very dizzy; Keep a busy, Cinderella! " Or something like that. totally relate. :)


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