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Love Me My Nap Time!

I don't know about your household, but in ours, between 1pmish - 3pmish, we have nap time. For the older kids its just a quiet time and for the Littles, they take naps. My oldest usually reads, works on a personal project, reads or plays on the iPad, and does her devotions. My second and third are in the Den together, each taking an end of the couch. They often have to have a reading time, sometimes are allowed to get out a bin from the closet (I'll be writing a future post on using some awesome bins to simplify my life) and then are allowed to watch a movie, while they just rest. I'm 31 weeks along with #6, so lately they've just had a movie time so that I could get some good rest in and not have to think about anything else. Might sound sad, but it works. :)

My fourth still takes naps, so she's in her bedroom where my oldest is resting and doing her own thang in her own bed. My youngest is in the midst of dropping her morning nap and only taking an afternoon nap.…

Three Tips to Help You (Mostly) Keep Your Sanity

I've been asked several times before, "how do you do it all???" My first thought is "uh......I don't. If only you knew..." But then I realize I've asked and wondered that very same thing of other mamas at times when I only had 1-2 kids or days I'm so very overwhelmed or when we have something major going on in our lives. So I thought I'd give you three tips that I use to at least help keep my sanity. (although if you talk to certain people in my life, they may totally disagree with the fact that I have any left, but just ignore them).

1.) Breath and Speak Calmly

When is seems that chaos is winning, or disobedience and bad attitudes are prevailing, when I can't seem to get one single little job done because I keep having to stop to counsel a child, I've found that simply standing still for just two seconds, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and reminding myself to speak calmly, it does wonders. Having those 2-5 seconds to myself, when…