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My Journey Into the Natural World Part 1

I was asked when I first started becoming interested in using herbs and natural methods and remedies. Right away I said “when I was pregnant with my first”. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it started long before then. I just didn’t realize it. Anytime I would read books, nonfiction or fiction I *loved* the parts that was about herbs, old fashioned things, home remedies, midwives. I can remember rereading those sections. I didn’t think it was still a “thing”. I thought it was extinct. A thing of the past.
Then I found out that wasn’t true. Boy! Was I excited and surprised. When I was pregnant with my first, there was a family attending our church and they were due with their fourth or fifth almost the same time I was due with my first. As we got to know each other, I discovered she used herbs. She had a midwife. She gave birth at home. She knew all sorts of natural remedies
I. Was. Amazed. And sooo excited!!
Essential Oils Can Do Whaaa???
Little by little, I started le…