Going Gluten Free

Our family has transitioned to being Gluten Free (GF) in the past six months or so. My husband started a new workout program and one of the main things they do is have you eat healthy! Crazy, right? =) We eat PRETTY good, but we could do a lot better. My husband loved the new eating plan and went full force - no dairy, no gluten, no sugar. He is very fit now and loves feeling so healthy!

I was totally on board with him doing this and was doing everything I could to help him out. I eliminated gluten from our meals when he was home, tried to keep sugar out of the house....or at least hidden (I can't give up my chocolate! hehehehe), and was working very hard to not use dairy. I realized that it really isn't that hard to give up gluten and dairy in cooking! Just takes some creative thinking.

My second Blessing, Felicity, has been having tummy trouble for a long while now. I had been wondering for a couple of months if gluten might be the culprit, but was in denial. :-/ We just kept trying other things to help her out. With my husband not eating gluten and the rest of not eating as much, I figured "why not?! We should go GF too."

So I started researching. I got prices on GF flours and starches. Found GF recipes to try. And got really excited about going GF. Because I was excited, my kids got excited! So we did it. I ordered my GF flours and starches and gave away all my gluten filled flours.

We are by no means 100% GF though. Sometimes I plan to have subs for a meal and we will get gluten filled sub buns, or doughnuts for a special breakfast.... =) The majority of the time we are GF and are lovin' it. I thought I'd share with you our favorite GF recipes that are kid friendly....well for my kids anyways. =)



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